Meet the Startup Participants

The Pearse Lyons Cultivator creates pathways for the implementation of innovative ag-tech solutions that support producers who are Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™.

The Pearse Lyons Cultivator offers startup participants the opportunity to develop commercial pilot projects with Alltech or one of our partners.

We are currently working with five exciting startup companies:

Beta Bugs logo

Beta Bugs

Beta Bugs is an insect genetics company developing and distributing black soldier fly breeds to the insect farming sector. Its mission is to double the output of the entire industry through the use of genetics. This will enable Black Soldier Fly protein to be competitive on price point against existing feed ingredients.

Ag-tech category: Biotech

Chordata logo


Chordata is creating the first integrated health microchip for livestock, with daily, real-time data and animal-specific health alerts for farmers and vets. Real time access to crucial information will enable early detection of disease, reduce monitoring costs, improve herd management, increase yield and productivity, provide provenance data for processors and enable telemedicine for dairy farmers, worldwide.

Ag-tech category: Sensors

Connecterra logo


Connecterra is an Amsterdam-based technology startup with a mission to train an Artificial Intelligence to learn how to farm, so they can empower farmers of all sizes to increase productivity of their farms, while reducing the impact of farming on the planet.

Ag-tech category: Data platforms

Flox logo


FLOX uses Artificial Intelligence to improve bird welfare and flock performance. It offers a powerful suite of tools that allow people to see what’s going on in the sheds in a manner not possible with the human eye, or conventional tech. As better welfare and transparency becomes more important to the sector, FLOX can track progress and make data-driven change.

Ag-tech category: Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

Hetwin logo


Hetwin is an Austrian family-run business focuses on complete and innovative stable management for the well-being of animals and humans. Its products include feeding robot, feed robot, feed pusher, stable straw system, cleaning robot, feed concentrate equipment, and system for homeopathy.

Ag-tech category: Robotics