Nurturing ag-tech collaborations that help the food supply chain flourish.

Drawing on Alltech’s unique expertise and presence in more than 120 countries, the Pearse Lyons Cultivator creates pathways for the implementation of innovative solutions that support a Planet of PlentyTM. Our expanded year-round program enables ag-tech startups to establish commercial pilots with Alltech or one of our partner companies. Through the Pearse Lyons Cultivator, we continue to support entrepreneurship, drive the adoption of innovative solutions and lead our industry into the future.

Connecting Ag-Tech Solutions to Agri-Food Challenges

Cultivating Collaboration 

The Pearse Lyons Cultivator offers startup participants the opportunity to develop a commercial pilot with Alltech or one of our partner companies and amplify their story throughout the process.

The PLC represents an evolution of ag-tech implementation as we elevate our focus beyond an accelerator to support greater collaboration and facilitate deeper connections between startups and the global food supply chain.

Program Features


Our year-round program ensures that we and our partners are positioned to seize opportunities as they arise.

Pilot projects

Startups are able to quickly validate the technical and commercial proposition and develop sales models.

Customized approach

Bespoke startup tracks are developed based on the specific needs of each startup company.


Pilot programs are closely supported by a mentor to provide expert guidance and facilitate connections.

Focus Areas

The Pearse Lyons Cultivator focuses on new technologies in core areas that support a Planet of Plenty.

Connect with Us

If you are developing a new technology that addresses any of these focus areas, or if you are interested in implementing an ag-tech solution in your operation, we want to hear from you!