The Pearse Lyons Cultivator identifies new technologies that align with the following focus areas:

Natural Immunity

There is a growing need to nurture and promote a healthy ecosystem for plants, animals and people. These solutions are designed to promote natural defenses that overcome health challenges.

Profitable Production

With the global population increasing, there is mounting pressure on agriculture to feed the world. These solutions are designed to promote productivity and profitability across the food supply chain, beginning with efficient animal performance.

Sustainable Agri-Food

Agriculture has the greatest potential to positively impact the environment and support a Planet of PlentyTM. These solutions are focused on ethically optimizing inputs and processes across the entire agri-food lifecycle.

Optimized Nutrition

Alltech works alongside producers in the agri-food sector to improve the health and performance of plants and animals, resulting in better nutrition for people and a decreased impact on the environment. The technologies in this group align with the cornerstones of Alltech’s expertise and include novel feed additives, mycotoxin management, gut health and rumen health.

Connect with Us

If you are developing a new technology that addresses any of these focus areas, or if you are interested in implementing an ag-tech solution in your operation, we want to hear from you!